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The beauty and the beast !

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

/ by Satyagrahi

Somebody take me to the priest,

I want to marry a beauty to my beast !

The beast you know was an angel before,

Who got discriminated time and again, more and more !

When I was suffering no one spared me a glance,

When all I needed was just a chance !

Tired of fighting my demons I became there dear

Transforming myself into a beast you all fear !

Nobody was there when an Innocence was at stake,

All you could do is make the jokes you always make !

Avoided by saying barking dogs seldom bite,

Blamed me when I jumped from that height.

When I gave up tired from the fight,

Luckily for me it was not a fall but a flight !

Along with the wings I grew horns,

Because my savior was for not any Angels but my own demons!

As the age old tale goes a beauty goes with the beast,

Somebody take me to that priest !

For the abut of the beauty and the beast !

The beauty and the beast !

A beauty for the beast !

(Deeksha is an event organiser by profession, writes as a salvation. 
Coming from the cozy streets of Delhi, is a 22 year old girl, loves to see life in her own different way.
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