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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

/ by Satyagrahi

Hoisting Nishan Sahib Flag on the lower rampart of the Lal Qila is a black spot on Indian history but the alarming leaked chat of fixing TRP, knowing confidential details of nation’s security for making money by Arnab Goswami is not?

Well, here my matter of concern is the trending hashtags on twitter #Delhi_police_lath_bajao. Where were these hashtags when 67-78 farmers died protesting on borders peacefully in biting cold and no leader from ruling government came to pay homage?

According to NRCB report of 2014, the number of suicides by farmers and farm labourers increased to 12,360 in 2014, against 11,772 in 2013 of these suicides, 5,650 were farmers suicides, in which half of the suicide were in Maharashtra. NCRB data points out that in 2474 suicides out of the studied 3000 farmer suicides in 2015 the victims had unpaid loans from local banks. There is no data provided for the same by NCRB after the year 2015.

Where were these hashtagers back then? Where were these hashtagers when farmers from different parts of India marched Delhi with demands and high hopes from the government in Delhi and had to return empty-handed.

Definitely, no violence is justified from protester's side nor from Police’s side. The kind of patience the farmer have been showing is commendable in cold and unexpected rain for months. The government has been adamant and has been testing patience since long and suddenly when farmers lose their patience they are again Khalistan, anti-national and what not. These farmers have seen the death of their kin and mourned over it on the border yet no leader from the government came to talk or sympathize. 

Instead, the respected Prime Minister choose to celebrate Devdeepavali. My question simply is how can one not lose the temper when the government is so adamant and ignorant?


Rashmi Ranjan

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